The Environment 

As an importer of premium beer brands, our business does affect the environment. We are also part of the wider SABMiller value chain which is responsible for the production of our beers – from sourcing raw materials through to brewing and packaging our products. Although we are not a large emitter of carbon dioxide relative to other industries, we have a responsibility to demonstrate leadership and to facilitate the necessary shift to a low-carbon economy. With the increased use of financial tools and regulations to encourage emissions reductions we also have a business interest in maximising our carbon efficiency. This also holds true for other environmental impacts related to our business.

We are working on a number of initiatives, including: understanding and reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our primary and secondary packaging, encouraging recycling, and raising awareness and engendering behaviour change amongst our employees. We are also pleased to highlight some of the work of our source breweries at our sister companies in Europe, all of which are part of the wider SABMiller commitment to reduce water use per litre of beer by 25% by 2015.

Energy and carbon 

Tyskie beer delivery lorry

We are working to understand the impacts of our business on climate change and how we can make a difference in this area. By building this impact into our decision making we believe we will positively change the way we do business to the benefit of the environment. Enter here to find out more.

Packaging and packaging waste 

Lech bottle caps
Packaging is an essential part of our products. However we do recognise the need to minimise waste and to encourage re-use and recycling. We’ve already reduced the amount of packaging on our brands, but we’re looking to go further. Enter here to find out what more we’re doing.


Flowing water
Our source breweries are working hard to ensure that they minimise the use of water in the production of beer and we’re already ahead of the industry average. Enter here to find out more about our efforts to make more beer using less water.